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Slow News - Laughing Meme

“I’m pretty sure Phil Gyford has requested something similar…”

Me too, but I don’t know if I requested it anywhere that’s in writing. Anyway, yes, it would be useful.

I think at the moment, though this kind of thing does exist, it’s simply that it’s not in a single place.

Aside from the previous mentions of the New Yorker and the Economist, I’d suggest the few current affairs articles in the London Review of Books and the New York Review of Books. Both do a good job of covering a particular topic in reasonable depth, are well written, and usually manage to explain things clearly without insulting the audience. Because they’re fortnightly they don’t try to be too up-to-the-minute and are more reflective. They also tend to lean more toward the left than the Economist does. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want them to be your only source of news, as their coverage is far from even (usually biased towards the economy, national politics and the Middle East).

Maybe it’s simply that you need a blog/whatever that picks out the really good post-event analysis articles, rather than something that starts writing them from scratch?

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Cool Tools: Kryptonite Evolution U-Lock

I’ve often read people on bike forums warn others away from the Sheldon Brown method. These days, if you’re going to lock your rear wheel to an object, you may as well also lock the frame. Sure, it’s unlikely that someone will chop your locked wheel up in order to get your unlocked frame, but why put temptation in their way?

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Cool Tools: Kryptonite Evolution U-Lock

The trouble with posting something like a bike lock as a “Cool Tool” is that few people have tested several locks and settled on the one that’s “best”. We can find a good balance between size, weight and apparent effectiveness, but to really test the effectiveness of several bike locks you need to try breaking them all - an expensive and exhausting prospect.

The Kryptonite Evolution is supposed to be good though, so I’m not criticising the author’s choice on this occasion!

When I asked around about bike locks recently, several people pointed me at this frequently-updated first post that lists effective (tested!) bike locks:  Abus are generally recommended as much as Kryptonite.

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Cool Tools: Rush 72 Backpack

I have the Rush-24 version and am pleased with it so far, although I haven’t used it for much yet other than a few short (and very un-rugged) trips. I’m a sucker for lots of pockets and this didn’t disappoint. I haven’t felt the need for anything bigger - often the 24 feels too big for my needs - but that’s a very individual choice.

The bag feels very solid and well made, nicely designed, and it hadn’t occurred to me that it looks particularly military. Maybe that’s a difference between the US and UK (where I am) as there’s less “military”-looking stuff around to compare it to.

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