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Waddington’s blast-off on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ha! When I was a kid I had some (4?) of those, plus the previous flat three-dial cards. I don’t remember the game, so maybe we got them second hand somewhere without the rest of it - I never knew what they originally came with. I think I stuck them on my bedroom wall when my bed was a spaceship.

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We did something very similar at back in 2001/2, using data from the website. I can’t remember if it ever made it into production, but I think I have a prototype version at my parents’ (for their postcode) which I’ll dig out next time I’m there in case it’s of interest.

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Story - the conference « TEST

Sounds great!

Crossing over a bit with Cait’s suggestion of stand-up as storytelling, but on the drama course we did a bit about solo storytelling - taking on and differentiating different characters, capturing people’s attention, structure, etc. It’s great when you see someone standing there alone telling a story, performing loads of characters at great speed. (I’m not volunteering for that though!)

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Help us map London’s Silicon Roundabout

Hey, maybe you could call these people the Ditcherati?


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Wonderland: Left4Dead2 preview

This kind of thing doesn’t usually bother me hugely (cos I is a man and am insensitive to such issues) but why does the sequel not have a cast more like three women and one man?

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