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Trying to remember what this is from… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

‘The World Turned Upside Down’ (by Leon Rosselon in 1975, recorded by Billy Bragg ten years later) is a modernised version of ‘The Diggers’ Song’, a 17th century ballad. More at Wikipedia.

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UK TV series map on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Bristol - Skins, Being Human, Teachers.
Liverpool - The Liver Birds.

Oodles of London ones here but I guess some are in vague or imaginary bits of London which might not be specific enough for you?

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Reboot 11 at Kedel Hallen (Thursday June 25, 2009) - Upcoming

The web page has updated with a new Reboot 11 logo and date… but still talks about the forthcoming Reboot 10…

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BBC - Radio Labs - Brands, series, categories and tracklists on the new BBC Programmes

Congratulations to you all on continuing to improve the site.

However, I must ask… given you now have pages for individual Series, why do you not list all the Episodes in a Series? You know, like every other TV-based website does? I can only view lists of Episodes broadcast in a particular year.

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Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word: Brand Manners…

Looks like Oprah made some progress… just a few teething problems to iron out with the help of friends.

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SprogBlog: refuser to castle

In London there’s a place called Circus Space which does classes for people of all ages to learn circus skills — some people from LISPA went there to get better at acrobatics. Maybe there’s something similar in your area?

Do you know about Parkour? Look for videos on YouTube — it sounds like the kind of thing that would interest him. I saw a kid his sort of age calmly showing off to crowds on London’s South Bank not long ago by suddenly running up to trees and doing back flips off them. There must be groups and things in NY devoted to it.

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I’ve Said Too Much ยป Messing about with local information

One awkward thing about aggregating local blogs is that bloggers don’t necessarily talk about where they live. It would be interesting to know there’s a guy round the corner who writes passionately about dogs (or whatever) every day, but there’s not much local value in me reading it all the time unless it happens to be about local dogs.

On the other hand there are lots of local things that aren’t blogs. Where I live there’s an active forum which is a great way to keep up with what’s happening here and nearby. I’ve considered starting a blog about the area but can’t see what value would be added (for someone like me) above the discussion forum. (I guess is trying to list this kind of local thing.) But it’s hard to summarise or aggregate a forum.

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