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Noisy Decent Graphics: Play Small

“Working at a really small scale is something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve been lucky enough to have done an Art Foundation course.”

Really? My foundation course had to struggle to stop me doing my usual little drawings and do stuff big instead.

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Rodcorp: London Art fairs in October 2008

You should do tours of some of them. Whenever I look at modern art these days I feel like a complete philistine because it means nothing to me. I know nothing about what any of the artists are trying to do and am so out of touch with the art scene generally that I can’t even guess. Unless it “looks nice” I roll my eyes and walk on. I’d love to go with someone who knows something.

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Rodcorp: London Art fairs in October 2008

Thanks Rod, interesting. The only exhibition I’ve been to recently was the ICA Auction exhibition… so much of it, for me, wasn’t aesthetically pleasing and didn’t look particularly technically challenging to produce. So I’m left with the knowledge that presumably the artist is trying to communicate or explore some idea, but I can very rarely guess with the remotest confidence what that might be. So I get bored and grumpy, feel stupid, and vow not to go to another exhibition for some time.

At the other end of the spectrum, I went to the Pompidou centre over the summer and loved the early twentieth century stuff. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve learned what they were trying to do, or because it’s clearer what they were trying to do, or because they created “nicer looking” art, or because it’s old and it’s in the Pompidou and therefore it must be Good.

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Soul sides: The Soul Sides’ "Under Covers" Mix for

Thanks for this, lovely stuff.

One thing: You missed Afrosound’s, ‘Jungle Fever’ off the track listing before Donovan Carless.

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Infovore ยป "Campaigns you can interact with": not ARGs, and perhaps better off for it

“That’s actually one of the biggest problems facing ARGs: getting away from that timeboxed nature.”

What would an ARG that was designed to run for, say, ten years look like? One that people could join and leave at any point during it? (I know little about ARGs so this might have been attempted and/or might be a daft idea!)

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And Another Thing: For God’s sake, stop asking Randy Newman about "Short People"

I’m reminded of this review of PJ Harvey’s ‘Uh Huh Her’ by Greil Marcus:

“That’s the problem with artists: They know things other people don’t. They feel compelled to say what those things are, and to conceal the strangeness and alienation of the act. If there is an “I” in their work, it ceases to refer back to the person writing, painting, singing; the person whose name is on the work has momentarily replaced herself with a made-up person who can say or do anything. This is what makes such a person an artist, and it’s why critics who try to reduce an artist’s work to her life are cretins. Thus we have Nick Catucci in the Village Voice, assuring his readers that Uh Huh Her is “a break-up album”—“as all save her last have been,” he adds, in case you think there might be something out there that doesn’t fit into a thimble. Forget that situations everyone goes through might go through Harvey differently than they do through you or me; don’t worry that there might be anything here that isn’t immediately obvious; after all, Catucci says, she’s “an easy read” and “she’s got a one-track mind.” “We know she’s been fucking and fighting, probably in equal measures, and maybe in the same moments.” You can almost smell him, can’t you?”

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Yes We Can remix: Lee Dorsey’s funk classic meets Obama speech - Boing Boing

In a similar vein to the Z-Trip mix is King Most’s excellent Obamix:

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The only watch to ever go to the moon… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Nearly all watches have that time in adverts, catalogues etc. People have suggested many reasons why this is so (the time Lincoln was shot, the time the first atomic bomb was dropped, etc) but the most likely seems to be that it means the manufacturer’s logo is prominent, and it possibly looks more “happy” than if the hands were at 8:20 or something. Nothing more profound than that.

The answer here is about as reliable as it gets.

PS, When I lived in Houston I was just round the corner (well, on a Texas scale) from JSC.

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