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Roo Reynolds - We could be guitar heroes

Kevin Kelly just posted a bit more about music controllers, specifically mentioning the Guitar Hero controller:

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Wonderland: Xbox points

Yup, I had a similar problem when I ordered an iPhone on The order never went through, but I only found out when, after waiting a while, I called CPW who said there was a problem with the card. So I called the bank who gave me much the same reason as you had regarding Microsoft. I cancelled the order in the end.

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Conferences and Corridors - Vox

While few of dConstruct’s talks thrilled me, the conference is pretty good for the socialising aspect — more so than Interesting (whose talks are much more up my street). Aside from lunchtime and the pre/post parties (which I didn’t attend) there were at least 45 minute breaks between talks when everyone mingled. Nice to have time set aside solely for chatting.

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Conferences and Corridors - Vox

Although the idea of a conference with no talks appeals I think it would need some kind of structure… something other than the standing/sitting around chatting. But I don’t know what that would be that wouldn’t be just as annoying as some talks.

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Noisy Decent Graphics: Who wins the first set wins

The previous thing about whoever scores first in football shouldn’t be a surprise. You’re effectively saying “After one team has got a goal ahead, they’re most likely to win.” Well, duh. Of course they are; the other team now has to score one more goal than them in order for them to win.

The tennis thing feels like this is also going to be true to some extent — if you win the first set you’re closer to winning than the other guy so of course you’re more likely to win — but is complicated by tennis-specific things like who starts with the serve and the limited number of sets. It would also be interesting to see similar stats for other tennis players.

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…and another thing! - Jesus jumped up christ!

Congratulations! Excellent stuff.

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Mac 101: Using your Windows keyboard - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

If you’re using a UK Windows keyboard (I don’t know about other nationalities) then you’ve only solved half the problem. Some characters, such as ” and @ are in different places on UK Windows and Mac keyboards. I’m amazed Apple has never released anything to get round this in all the years it’s been an issue.

If it’s driving you nuts, I have a couple of solutions on my site:

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Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy: Do We Really Need Another Hitchhiker’s Book?

‘And Another Thing’?


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