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Wonderland: R2-D2 USB hub and kite

I think I remember there being R2-D2 kites back in the day when I lusted after such merchandise. Had a quick Google, but could only find this 1985 cash-in, rather than a vintage R2-shaped one.

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Mostly This: iQueue and Queue and Queue

You must have taken this not long after I left with my iPhone. The queue was quicker than expected - they said probably around two hours ish, although it has been known to take 3. I think I got to the front (starting from downstairs) in not much more than an hour, then had a frustrating wait for at least another 20 mins or so. But it’s reasonably pleasant and I imagine the staff are nicer than in your average mobile phone shop.

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Mostly This: iQueue and Queue and Queue

Oh, and as to “groaning systems”… the sign up process seemed to go smoothly - no hiccups or groaning, it’s just that the amount of form-filling (online and off) to get the phone and the service, does take a certain amount of time, no matter how speedy the connection.

Although the Apple guy did say that if something goes wrong they have to call O2 and have no more priority than your average punter, ie, they sit in a queue for twenty minutes.

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Kevin Kelly — The Technium - Neo-Amish Drop Outs

In 2007 Tom Hodgkinson, editor of the Idler, wrote about how he’d given up on email: I wonder if he managed to keep it up?

In 2005 this chap wrote about how he was going to give up on email and create a more sociable life for himself from 2008: It’s an interesting idea but I’ve no idea if he’s managed it - there are no updates after this one.

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