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Art and Heart: Place cart before horse, engage

Coincidence… I’m also feeling relaxed about end of term presentations and I’m enjoying Creation too. It’s the tiara I tell you!

Good luck with your future plans - it’s a great thing that you have so many possibilities.

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Dopplr Blog » Blog Archive » Adding multi-stop trips

I realise this would be complicating something nice and simple, but…

Let’s say I’m going on a trip to city A, then city B, then returning home. All of the trip is by plane except when I travel between A and B, which is by car. It’s not very clear at the moment what method of transport is being used to travel from city B back home. Plane or car?

It seems like the mode of transport is currently associated with a destination, rather than the journey between two destinations…?

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Welcome Movable Type 4.2 | - Home of the MT Community

“Simply upgrading from Movable Type 4.1 to 4.2 can increase publishing times by 33%”

Should be “decrease” surely, assuming 4.2 really is faster…

Otherwise, congrats on the release.

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