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Subtraction 7.1 Beta: Operation: Bring Nothing to Work

Occasionally I manage journeys without a bag, but I rely on all the pockets on my combat trousers /cargo pants. I feel half-naked if I wear trousers that don’t have so many pockets.

I’ve been half-wondering about one of those waistcoats photographers or fishermen wear with lots of pockets - really practical, but probably a bit dorky for day-to-day life.

A guy at a party recently told me how he was at the theatre with a lawyer friend, when the friend’s cellphone went off. The cellphone was inside the large box-like document case he’d been lugging around. He scrabbled to unlock the case, finally managing it, and turned off the cellphone. The guy telling the story looked inside this big case and realised the ringing cellphone was the only thing inside it.

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Ffffound, flickr, and finding favourites - Vox

In case you don’t already know, Bloglines also uses vi keys for jumping around posts in a feed. Very handy.

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Crashed drug plane owned by US Government? - Boing Boing

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Meish dot org ยป A World In Your Ear

I like Take Your Medicine too, and you might also like Not Your Usual Bollocks, which is kind of similar (an unfortunate title if you ask me, but if you can ignore that, give it a listen).

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Get Lat Lon

Fantastic Simon, just what I need! It’s been a real pain finding the lat/long of precise locations (and appropriate zoom levels) for places in Pepys’ Diary.

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Fancy seeing you here on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

One of the prominent features of my summer working at the BBC has been the frequent appearance of presentations and slides from presentations by you, Loosemore, Hill, Coates, etc.

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Mind gyms for cognitive fitness - Boing Boing

The Guardian’s excellent Ben Goldacre has had some good articles in the past about this pseudo-science that’s being used in many schools in the UK. For example:

Good reading.

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Art and Heart: Grumble, grumble, yay!, meh?

Bad luck about the bike - I’d try taking it back to where you got it. You’re only just outside the month and it’s a serious problem so if you’re nice (which I’m sure you would be!) they may at least fix it for a reduced price.

I guess if you’re going to get another bike, the best thing is to go shopping with someone who knows a lot about them. I’m sure there are bargains to be had, but like you I wouldn’t know a beat-up but sturdy bargain frmo a beat-up about-to-fall-apart money pit.

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Speed Chess on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I saw him today on Neal Street, Covent Garden. The evil cynic in me couldn’t remember what the date was on the sign in your photo, and I expected him to have updated the sign, that it was all a scam. But no, it still said 22nd October… I wonder how he’s doing.

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Technovia: Biofuels "a crime against humanity"

I’ve been pretty well taken in by the organic food good, big corporation genetically modified food evil side of things (never mind that organic food is big business too). Probably because I tend to share other beliefs with the kinds of people who hold this view.

But you’re often right about stuff (not always of course, but often :) ). Can you suggest anything I should read that would make me question my beliefs on this point further?

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10 years old on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I remember at some point when BBC News changed its design and I said that it was crap that they didn’t make the design change across all the old pages too.

I’ve known for some time that I was wrong then. I now love that older pages on the site look older. There can’t be many (any?) websites where one has such a great visual cue for the age of the page. eg: (shame about the errors, but still)

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