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Golden Flats on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Why did he tell you not to take photos?

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Golden Flats on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I’m sure you coped with it OK, but I don’t think he was correct. The estate’s freeholder is the City of London, so the estate itself isn’t private. For example, if it’s anything like the Barbican estate, upkeep of the public outside areas is down to the City of London, and is paid for out of council revenues, rather than residents’ service charges.

Given that, if you’re physically on public property then no one can stop you taking photos of private homes.

This is a handy guide to Photographers’ Rights in the UK.

Anyway, nice photos :)

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Wi-Fi Networking News: The End of Unlimited as a Modifiable Noun

The Advertising Standards Authority have looked into this in the UK, and here’s their position:

“Something can be described as “unlimited” even if a fair-use policy exists. However, the existence of the fair-use policy should be stated in the ad, and the policy should only be invoked to prevent misuse of the service.”

This is just a licence for companies to give whatever limits they like but still say things are “unlimited”, and makes me wonder what the point is of having an Advertising Standards Authority in the first place. The Authority’s only power seems to be to punish companies who leave off the small print specifying the fair use in their adverts.

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Kurt Vonnegut on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I’m really liking these portraits. Simple and strong, and they make me want to do some! Do you do much drawing aside from these?

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Adaptive path » blog » Dan Saffer » Thinking the Unthinkable about iTunes

“it ain’t even named appropriately anymore”

I rather like it when things outgrow their original titles. In the UK the BBC’s TV listings magazine is still called ‘Radio Times’, having started decades ago as a purely radio-based mag. And there’s also “Carphone Warehouse”, which I suspect doesn’t sell any car-specific phones these days.

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