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Burrito(?) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

And… I was hoping it’d be more of a huge burrito wrapped in foil type place, rather than somewhere with rectangular plates!

It looks a bit like the criminally crispy and malnourished “burritos” I avoided at the BBC canteen the other day.

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Art and Heart: A painful, piteous rite of passage

Ouch, sorry to read about the accident, but pleased that there’s no permanent damage and you’re on the way up already. Crashes can make one a bit shaky, but I hope you’ll be back in the saddle soon!

Take care, and watch out for pedestrians - none of them look where they’re going (except when I’m one, then cyclists are the problem :) ).

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Said the Gramophone: Perestroika

My favourite Soviet Europe themed diptych is Thomas Dolby’s ‘Europa and the Pirate Twins’ and ‘Eastern Bloc’, nine years apart, jauntily pining after a childhood (girl)friend now grown to be a celebrity and/or later storming the gates as the Berlin wall falls.

And, mostly unrelated, you should check out, full of mp3s of Soviet-era tunes. Some great ones to start with:

Airplanes - First of All (1945 and saucy!)

Song of the Don Cossacks (1935 and WOOF!)

Sabres Out (1973 sultry backing singers)

March of Stalin’s Air Force (WHAT is going on!?)

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