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I’m sure you don’t mean to write off all of the Mime Festival, or all group-devised works, but your piece does sound a little like that.

Admittedly, on the one hand I know what you mean. I saw Compangnie Philippe Genty last night and it was a big disappointment — a sequence of very impressive images but with little narrative or emotion to hold it together into something I could feel involved with. Like a dance piece with the dance removed.

I also saw Faulty Optic’s production at the ICA, part of which was quite entertaining puppet work, but some of it was a slow meander with a video camera around a large set they’d built, the images projected on a screen. Not the most involving experience I’ve had.

On the other hand Inspector Sands and Stamping Ground Theatre’s ‘Hysteria’ was wonderful — funny and involving. A devised work, but given that it involved a fair bit of spoken text it’s perhaps pushing the limits of what could be counted as mime.

I guess I’m saying that seeming to write so much theatre off because of one show is a bit mean. As with mime or devised works, the number of disappointing scripted plays I’ve attended greatly outnumber the excellent productions, but I still keep going back in hope.

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Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Does Web 2.0 = B2B?

I’m also a little confused — when you say that “social network” is a bullshit term, are you talking about the decades of social network theory or are you just using the phrase as lazy shorthand for something else?

You have social networks, you’re in several I expect, and social network sites help one communicate in some way (sharing photos, text, job ads, etc) among your network and may also help you expand your network.

Saying “social network” is bullshit is like saying there’s no such thing as society - whatever you call it, it still exists.

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Captain’s Crate: The Voice of Reason

You might want to check out ‘A Soldier’s Sad Story: Vietnam Through the Eyes of Black America 1966-73’, every one a winner.

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