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Mercury music awards - Vox

I’d never heard of Hot Chip before (I’m out of touch) but I heard them interviewed on Radio 1 yesterday and they were complaining about having to play ‘Over and Over’ over and over these days because it’s so popular. I’m sure most bands hate playing their popular songs repeatedly, so it was honest to say so, but it also does come across a bit like sour grapes, and makes you assume they’re having a miserable time whenever they play it.

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Stef1.jpg on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I nearly thought it was Brian from last year’s Big Brother.

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Max headroom - Vox

Thanks for posting that - I’d completely forgotten about Paranoimia, and I used to play the 7” over and over. I can’t help noticing though that the audience doesn’t do a lot of laughing during the Letterman interview - it looks like it was more fun for Max than anyone else.

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Lazy Sunday in the park on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

You know that little feature they have in the Saturday Guardian’s Travel section, “Where would you rather be right now?”…

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Technovia: Firmware update for older iPods?

You got my hopes up when you said “older iPods”… but my 2nd generation iPod doesn’t have a Games tab or a firmware upgrade.

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Cityofsound: Cover art emerges in iTunes. Possibly.

I’ve been quite obsessive about getting album art in there before now, but I still have oodles of tracks that I’ll never have covers for (rips of 78 rpm records, old 7” singles, the 365 Days Project, etc). So CoverFlow’s always going to be so gappy as to be not much use unfortunately.

I’ve read that iTunes doesn’t store the artwork it automatically fetches in the MP3 files themselves which is a shame, as this is what happens if you manually add artwork. (And from comments here it sounds like the automatically-fetched artwork won’t show up on iPods either.)

I’ve found Synergy, which you mention, to be a good way of getting artwork — the latest version features a “Transfer cover to iTunes” menu option, which is the equivalent of finding the artwork at Amazon and manually dragging it to the track in iTunes.

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Moolies: My children are growing

It was a lovely day! They’re both fab kids in many ways. Nora was interested and interesting, not shy, and fun to play with. James smiled and giggled and didn’t cry at me, which makes a change for babies!

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