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Self portrait at the magic hour… on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

You look like you’re witnessing something bright and amazing. The second coming? Aliens landing? The rest of London going up in flames under your fiery gaze?

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Technovia: Nick Carr: Netscape’s junk drawer

While I agree about the wisdom of crowds often being very, er, un-wise, I loved this quote: “I don’t want other people voting on what I should read first. I want to see major national news stories.” As if major news stories are some objective thing delivered to us from some greater power, rather than something decided on by a small number of people at the publication concerned. Basically, all our news is chosen for us by someone, but it’s the quality of the crowd that matters, not its size.

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Engaged! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Soul sides: How Do You Soulside?

I read via RSS too, and check the new posts maybe once a week. Download and listen to everything a few times and give them a rating in iTunes. Then put highly rated tunes into my “Current Favourites” playlist so I hear them a few more times before they descend into the general library where they’ll crop up every so often over the coming years… (By which time I may well have bought the CDs containing the best stuff, which does happen!)

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Dan Griffiths - Music Photographer / Rock Photography - Low live at KOKO

Blimey, quick work. I should be going to bed rather than seeing if anyone’s blogged about the gig on Technorati… but lovely picture, well done.

I took some photos which I’ll put up tomorrow, but I suspect they’re all much, much blurrier than yours.

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26072006(011) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wow, yeah. It looks like you’ve got a table in the middle of the straight so all the passers-by can ogle enviously at your food and companions and witty repartee. Wish I could’ve been there!

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Cityofsound: Brunswick Centre, London

I walked past the other day and it does look swish, although, yes, Skoob Books will be missed. But while sprucing things up like this is preferable to letting them rot, I do get annoyed by the way everything gets homogenised.

I know the state of British high streets, with their identical supermarkets, mobile phone shops, chain clothes stores, etc has been written about endlessly… but there must be something to say about the more “quality” smart chains that are ubiquitous, and increasingly dull, in modern city (re)developments (at least in London): Brunswick Centre, Royal Festival Hall, Spitalfields, by City Hall.

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