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Cripplegate Institute on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I can see your office from my window in Ben Jonson House. Hello!

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Nope: Cowslip

On 1 May 2006. Permalink On wanting to stop wanting ‘World of Warcraft’…

So when you recently said “people who do a lot of punditry on their sites cannot possibly be actually getting anything useful done the rest of the time” maybe you should have added “or playing World of Warcraft”…

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Stone Cold Pimpin’: Speaking Truthiness to Power

I’ve had this conversation with other friends, and I seem to be in the minority, but still…

I don’t see what’s so amazing about it. I’d have been more impressed if it had been like Jon Stewart on Crossfire - ditching the persona and just telling it straight.

Yeah, he had a few digs at Bush and the press, but to be honest the digs seemed no worse than the digs Bush made at himself beforehand with the Bush impersonator.

Apparently a lot of the assembled media folk were annoyed with Colbert afterwards… well it sounded like plenty were laughing along too.

Maybe it’s just that Colbert was (in his roundabout having-to-do-it-in-character way) saying what I take as given that it doesn’t seem remarkable. Maybe if I was American and was more used to the other consensus (things in Iraq are just dandy, thanks) it would have seemed more shocking. But from here… pffff.

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Tate to Vitra on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I was going to see if we were in the building at the same time on Monday, but it says this photo was taken on February 9, 2005. Is your camera clock wrong…?

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Tate to Vitra on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ah, I was there earlier in the afternoon, but I may have been walking past the outside again about that time.

Yes, I saw the show, and liked it. I would have liked more contextual information about the pieces (the V&A Modernism show had much better captions), but it was nice to see their progression and experimentation. Made me want to do more Stuff.

But first I must invent a time-expanding machine!

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Humping triceratopses, shop window, High Holborn, London.jpg on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I walked past those last night and thought they were Flickr-worthy (but knew my phone camera would make a foggy mess of it).

If memory serves I think the one on the left is being mounted by a diplodocus, so it could be surprise rather than jealousy…

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Is this genius or bollocks. I can’t decide. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

When I first saw it I thought it was bizarre looniness. But I have to admit that it has given me something more concrete to sit in my mind and mull over whether I should move to a different plan. That’s never happened with “Talk 60” etc.

Although, even though I’ve had a quick look at the plans and seen ads focused around only one of the animals, I couldn’t tell you what any of the plans involved. So not entirely successful.

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My new flat in Amsterdam on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Yes, looks gorgeous! Although I can’t help thinking the rugs and armchair should be at right angles to everything else… just doesn’t seem Dutch enough otherwise :)

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The Stage / Shenton’s View / Nightmare Theatrical Distractions….

While this debate has been mostly “I’m right” or “you’re wrong”, like most things this isn’t a black and white issue.

If one of the objectors to this post was at the theatre and someone “less fortunate than themselves” was making so much noise that much of the audience couldn’t hear a word of what was being said on stage, I think they’d be more likely to protest, no matter how much this less fortunate person was enjoying themselves.

Similarly, if the people in Mark’s post were only occasionally making a murmur, I doubt he’d have a problem with their presence.

I don’t think any of us can judge exactly how we’d feel without having been witness to the events Mark describes. You can disapprove, but unless you know how disruptive this was, it’s a bit much to offer an outraged dismissal and say anything goes.

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Race you!

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BBC R&D Mega-TiVo - O’Reilly Radar

It’s very kind of you to describe me as “fantastic”, but I’m a little confused about the rest of this…

I did indeed write a PHP front-end to a system called “BBC Macro” or “BBC Archive Testbed”, an internal-BBC-only prototype website that was built on a database of TV programmes encoded by the clever Ludlams (who also built Promise.TV). You might have seen a demo of this system somewhere — the site is white, yellow and purple if that helps jog your memory! This did indeed have all the social features you mention — social networks, rating TV shows, tagging, etc.

I know nothing about this Kamaelia system and have no idea how, if at all, it’s related to the work the Ludlams and I did for Tom Loosemore at the BBC.

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Beau and the little girl on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I’m jealous!

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P1000454 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Woohoo! Well done! Congratulations! :)

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Open thread: Favorite spam blocker service? | 43 Folders

I used Knowspam and then SpamArrest for a while. They really worked. Checking my email was a joy again, just like it was ten years ago, when I’d know that every email Eudora picked up was for me, personally. It really was a revelation. I loved it.

But, after 18 months or so I gave up on the challenge/response system. Really, it shifts and changes the problems of spam from your inbox to another system. First, there’s the problem of people missing your challenge and their email never getting to you. Second, I always felt bad if I gave my email to someone, in person, and knew that they’d get a challenge when they’d email me. It seemed rude and overly-complex, especially for non-techy people. I felt unfriendly and self-important.

Ultimately it’s a trade-off between how much spam annoys you and makes you ineffective, and how rude you can bear to be to people. Since giving up SpamArrest I’ve been more comfortable that new people emailing me will get through, and I won’t annoy them. The downside is that I dread checking my mail in the morning, even after Spam Assassin has done its job.

More and more spam is getting to my inbox these days, and it’s now a choice between making Spam Assassin’s threshold so draconian that legitmate mails will get trapped, and going back to Spam Arrest. The more annoyed I get, the less I care about pissing off new friends/contacts.

That other people (spammers) have made email such a chore thoroughly depresses me.

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Last Game at Highbury on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I love the crowd - very nice!

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Corporation of London Sign inside The Barbican Centre on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Last year they decided to call the organisation the “City of London” rather than the “Corporation of London”, but they’re only changing signs etc very gradually: tre/files200…

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