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Bowblog: Remembering Peel

I’ve got lots of bits of Peel, and loads of Festive Fifties, taped, but I also tended to cut out the talking.

However, I did tape a Peel show around 1995, when he had Dick Dale and The Fall (or some other favourite) in session, and I thought “Some day Peel’s going to die and I’ll want to have at least one show taped for posterity”. Thankfully it took him a while longer to go. Hopefully I’ve still got the tape somewhere…

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…and another thing! - Fun things to do at work

One step further on from just wrapping a desk in tin foil was this from a while ago:

(Yeah, it’s from a while ago, so some people in the world have seen it before. I wonder how many people are allowed to see something before the meme police come knocking? Only the people who made/wrote/posted it originally? Only them and their mothers? Is it passe then, or are they allowed to show their friends? What if those friends show *their* friends - they must be really sad and deserve a good kicking, eh? Twats.)

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