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The Suburbs Are Killing Us: Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Thanks for the Boogie Boys stuff - it reminds me of a mix tape a friend did for me way back then, full of similar tunes and early housey stuff. Sadly I’ve long since lost the tape and long since forgotten exactly what was on it. So it’s nice to have a vague reminder.

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Unsweet: Dark Lord Bettany

I saw that poster on my way to work this morning and I could have sworn Kirsten Dunst was hugely pregnant - her back seems to disappear into the background leaving her stomach looking massively distended. Now that’d be a movie. Not only is she spunky and difficult, but also 8 months pregnant! And Paul Bettany isn’t sure if he or the working class cockeny ballboy is the father! (It brings a whole new meaning to “tennis seeding”.) And Kirsten simply must win Wimbledon, not only for her pride, but also so she can use the prize money to help cure her father, who’s been at death’s door since mother was killed in a freak tennis ball machine accident while raising spunky young Kirsten to be a future number one tennis ace!

Anyway, why release this now when Wimbledon finished weeks ago?

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Rodcorp: Airport designers are designing the kernel of a future city

On TV a couple of weeks back there was a documentary about people who leave everything behind - walk off and don’t call their family/friends. One young guy went to Heathrow (I think) and lived there for a long time - months I think, maybe more. He made it sound like quite a few people live in these places - an area would become popular for various reasons but before long security would cotton on and folks would move on. As he emphasised, unlike normal homeless folks, you need to maintain a certain level of cleanliness in order to blend in with the travellers.

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Grrr. Witham. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

No way!

I grew up in Witham. My parents live about five minutes from the station. I love that station. Yay for Witham!

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Wonderland: No real hockey

It’d be a much bigger deal if this was on a general sports channel, rather than a channel that’s already “plugged into every dimension of games, gear, gadgets and gigabytes.” How long till that happens…?

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