Saturday 5 August 2017

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Guardian Cryptic 27,263 by Rufus | Fifteensquared

Gary @30

Students at Oxford and Cambridge universities “go up” at the start of term and “come down” at the end of it. Should they be expelled they are “sent down”.

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  • 07:43pm: I liked ‘Dunkirk’ but I feel needlessly confused by chronology. You’d think that with all the ticking on the soundtrack it’d be in order.
  • 07:45pm: @RandomEtc So it was all happening at the same instant?
  • 07:47pm: @Pickledegg101 I’m not sure I did! I thought Cillian Murphy was going to meet himself.
  • 09:38pm: @paulpod But, but… he was old!