Saturday 22 April 2017

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FFFFOUND! export script

FFFFOUND! is shutting down on 8th May. I haven’t used it for ages but I saved over 500 images in there a few years ago. I couldn’t find a backup tool that worked for me so I adapted one to make my own.


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22 Apr 2017 at Twitter

  • 05:58am: @mildlydiverting I’ve nearly got a nice script working if you want me to grab your stuff too?
  • 01:15pm: @mildlydiverting Will do! Just struggling with character encodings at the moment. Grrr.
  • 04:45pm: “I won’t spend more than an hour fiddling with this code,” is what I said to myself half the weekend ago.
  • 08:22pm: A Python script for fetching all your images, making pages for them, and saving data in JSON
  • 08:23pm: There are various others (this is based on one) but I either couldn’t get them to work properly or wanted something different.
  • 08:24pm: The code is a mess and I’d do it all differently if starting from scratch. Just like every quick hacky project. Hey ho.