Tuesday 14 March 2017

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Two blogs, one WordPress

We recently moved Mary’s website from Movable Type to a self-hosted WordPress install. The site is made up of two blogs and it took a while to figure out how to get WordPress to handle that. This is how I did it.


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14 Mar 2017 at Twitter

  • 10:26am: @dracos Is there a link to the news? My googling failed.
  • 10:37am: @dracos I can’t even parse the “A JSON service will be kept in place…” sentence.
  • 10:40am: @dracos I’m sure the BBC’s renowned agility will ensure there’s an amazing alternative quickly in place!
  • 04:10pm: @jkottke Happy Blog Birthday!
  • 05:08pm: Q: How do you make two blogs on one WordPress install? A: Laboriously. https://t.co/JffFYSjnc9
  • 05:14pm: @gwire Because it felt like this should be possible. I’m terrible for setting myself a challenge and not letting go.
  • 05:16pm: @gwire To be honest I’ve never used Multisite and I was put off by thinking that this was one “site” and I wanted it to be simple. Hm.

Music listened to most that week

  1. St. Lenox (9)
  2. Mammal Hands (7)
  3. Sports (6)
  4. Art Brut (2)
  5. Azealia Banks (2)
  6. bastien keb (2)
  7. Burial (2)
  8. De La Soul (2)
  9. Dj Jazzy Jeff & MICK (2)
  10. Elastica (2)

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