Thursday 9 February 2017

(There is no location data available for this day.) added to Django Ditto

Last year I wrote about Django Ditto, a collection of Django apps for copying your Flickr, Pinboard and Twitter “stuff”. I’ve now added the ability to copy your listening data.


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9 Feb 2017 at Twitter

  • 09:12am: Labour New Labour Post Labour Abstract Labour Surrealist Labour Minimalist Labour Conceptual Labour Performance Labour
  • 09:38am: I should have put Post Labour at the end really.
  • 09:39am: @P90Puma Thanks. Sounds like they’re carrying on doing the same thing though.
  • 10:49am: I guess your private Twitter (or whatever) account is only private so long as no one who follows it enters the US.
  • 10:14pm: @matthewbate Yes, that’s me, thanks! And thanks @tedmills!

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Music listened to most that week

  1. Abi Reimold (12)
  2. Mark Kozelek (12)
  3. Stefflon Don (11)
  4. Mongo Santamaria (10)
  5. GFOTY (9)
  6. Low (6)
  7. Raye (5)
  8. Sampa The Great (5)
  10. Red House Painters (4)

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