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14 September 2016


  1. Cheat Sheet: Writing Python 2-3 compatible code — Python-Future documentation

    Because this is usually where I end up when googling for this stuff.


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    @cityofsound No idea, but you can read his will for £3.45… (I haven’t)

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    @migurski That’s design! I mean de

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    @alex_parrott Named after the “curtain wall” that ran alongside it.

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    This is a website about design.

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    Hard to be precise about location, but here’s that bit of map. Fun to match up today with then:…

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    1746 map of roughly Lower Eastside Deli on Scrutton St, Shoreditch. Sounds like a hip open-air bar from 21st C.

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    London in the late summer haze