Monday 25 February 2013

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The Canadian iron ring tradition

There are many quotable bits in Philip Nobel’s review of To Forgive Design: Understanding Failure (Amazon UK, US) by Henry Petroski, in the same edition of the London Review of Books as that Hilary Mantel article. Nobel’s article is only available to subscribers, but I especially liked this paragraph:


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  • 11:51am: @paulpod I figure that if you ever feel guilty for forwarding through or deleting ads on TV, then yes. Otherwise, no. No.
  • 09:25pm: @revdancatt When I was bewildered by all the JS templating languages (not for Node), Handlebars seemed most popular, and what I went with.
  • 09:29pm: @revdancatt They all seemed a bit weird tbh. They all seem like ugly workarounds. But I got on OK with simple Handlebars usage.
  • 09:32pm: @revdancatt I know! And all very nearly the same. Nutters.
  • 09:37pm: @revdancatt You should totally write… oh never mind :)
  • 09:42pm: @RodBegbie Thanks, I’ll add it to the queue!
  • 09:51pm: @jaggeree @revdancatt “Nunjucks coupled with Express”? You’re just making it up now! I prefer Abalone run through Epiglottal.
  • 10:07pm: @tomcoates @mattb Wow, the pressure of social media works quickly!