Friday 18 January 2013

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18 Jan 2013 at Twitter

  • 09:23am: @tomcoates I haven’t left the flat since Monday. It’s been great. Going to have to pop out today though. I might have to talk to people.
  • 09:37am: @Writerer “Look. Britain has a unique position in Europe and, oh, but now it’s all snowy and I can’t get to the Hague!”
  • 09:38am: @macintosh I’ve been too busy blowing my nose and writing code unfortunately.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Grimes (27)
  2. Eddie Kendricks (21)
  3. SBTRKT (10)
  4. Shuggie Otis (8)
  5. The Shins (7)
  6. Drew Danburry (6)
  7. Randolph's Leap (6)
  8. Red House Painters (5)
  9. Daniel Kim (3)
  10. Art Brut (3)

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