Monday 7 January 2013

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Decades-long projects

As I wrote last week the Diary of Samuel Pepys project has kicked off again for another almost-decade of daily publishing. What’s wrong with me? Or, more practically, what did I think about when starting a ten-year project all over again?


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7 Jan 2013 at Twitter

  • 07:43am: @holgate Just finding it weird to get endless urgent-sounding updates about events that mean nothing to me; I worry they should.
  • 05:13pm: @holgate Eek, the "pffft" and date is a bit alarming. I still have no idea what and when is happening or what and when I need to do things.
  • 05:14pm: @holgate Yes. I'll have to look up what I asked for though. Bah.
  • 05:17pm: @holgate Hmm, I can see no way to find out which option I opted for, although I do have new virtualmin log details.
  • 05:22pm: @holgate With Joyent? Textdrive? I have no idea who has responsibility for what. Grrr. Mess.
  • 05:23pm: @holgate Eesh, good luck. My mail is elsewhere, but there's a forest of cranky old websites there to, er, re-plant.
  • 06:10pm: A Spotify playlist of the "Jazz Starter Kit" suggested by Mike Johnston on the Online Photographer
  • 06:11pm: "Nice." (No room on previous tweet for obligatory word.)
  • 06:30pm: @allanpollock Follow the first link!
  • 07:01pm: @jwheare Yeah. I know nothing about jazz, so it's nice just having some way of narrowing it all down.
  • 08:46pm: @designswarm That sounds good. Well done, whatever it is you’ve been approved for!
  • 09:46pm: ‘Friday Night Dinner’ is a delivery mechanism for parcels of Mark Heap brilliance. It’s worth sitting through the packaging to get there.
  • 10:21pm: This episode of ‘Friday Night Dinner’ is packed with Mark Heap, so good: Haven’t laughed that much at TV in ages.
  • 10:29pm: @suegyford Ooh, I’ve got that one still to watch! His character does seem like he’s walked in from a different TV show entirely.
  • 10:53pm: @gwire @yoz Oh, I didn't realise that. Boo, what a shame, as that was simple enough for me.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Frank Ocean (16)
  2. Ben Folds Five (15)
  3. Ben Folds (14)
  4. Count Basie (11)
  5. Jean Grae (11)
  6. Harry Edison (11)
  7. SBTRKT (10)
  8. Coleman Hawkins (9)
  9. Kenny Burrell (9)
  10. Kenny Dorham (8)

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