Monday 10 December 2012

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It's always been true

Shoreditch, or East London Tech City, or Silicon Roundabout, has always been changing, like every other part of London, like every other part of every city.


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10 Dec 2012 at Twitter

  • 09:42am: @alanconnor The crank call industry must ensure it can robustly self-regulate or telephonic pranks legislation will be introduced.
  • 09:44am: I wrote a little bit about the changing face of Shoreditch over the years, decades, centuries:
  • 11:24am: @rex3000 CONGRATULATIONS!
  • 02:05pm: @cavvia Please point me at where I say that.
  • 02:07pm: @cavvia Again, I’ve missed the part where I said we shouldn’t scrutinise anything.
  • 02:19pm: @cavvia You’re reading the “stop grumbling” into it. The message is “cities always change”. And, maybe, “don’t think now is special”.
  • 02:20pm: @cavvia Again, I don’t say there are never reasons to protest. Or that there aren’t now. Where do I say that?
  • 02:24pm: @cavvia You said that I say no one should protest or complain about change. But I don’t say that (or its opposite). What tone do you mean?
  • 03:15pm: @cavvia I say nothing pejorative about people grumbling today. Simply that people have always been grumbling.
  • 03:16pm: @cavvia I fail to see what “discredits” a complaint today if it’s a complain people have always had?
  • 03:28pm: @cavvia I don’t know if it’s been ignore politically. Maybe sometimes complaints about change have had an effect. I have no idea.
  • 03:28pm: @cavvia But saying “this complaint isn’t new, it’s a very old complaint” doesn’t mean it’s a bad complaint, or not worth having.
  • 04:39pm: @holgate I’m not even sure it’s necessarily a cycle in this case. Not just rich to poor to rich to poor. Gradually changing industries.
  • 05:14pm: @holgate Yes, true. And it’s possible that the cycle is quicker now, and so the change is felt more painfully.
  • 05:14pm: @holgate Or, there have always been points where the change is quicker, and so more painful.
  • 05:30pm: @holgate Yes. “Tech City” is only amplifying this particular change. I did write a bit about that but wisely trimmed 2/3 of the post.
  • 09:19pm: @amcewen Good stuff, thanks Adrian.

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