Thursday 26 April 2012

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26 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 08:15am: @pixellent Now you've got all the colours, do you have to pick typefaces today? Do you need any help?
  • 11:05am: @matthewward I wish Google’s ads for their services were occasionally about this kind of thing, rather than lives of hip twentysomethings.
  • 11:14am: @D_Nye_Griffiths You’re right. You were always right. I was wrong. I still love your smile. Look at you in these photos. I can see you now.
  • 11:35am: @tomskitomski Eeek! Is he OK?
  • 12:23pm: @abscond Next they’ll be all like “It’s so cold. So much for global warming LOL”.
  • 12:25pm: My influence about Sean Connery is apparently low. I need to fix this, or I’ll never get a Sean Connery-related job.
  • 12:25pm: Sean Connery began bodybuilding at age 18 and entered Mr Universe in 1950. Or 1953.
  • 12:27pm: Sean Connery has worked as a coffin polisher and a milkman. His tattoos say “Scotland forever” and “Mum and Dad”.
  • 12:28pm: @russelldavies No, Sean Connery has only been in TV shows.
  • 12:29pm: @russelldavies Oh, sorry, that’s Sean Connery’s brother Neil Connery. Yes, Sean Connery has apparently been in lots of movies!
  • 12:31pm: @abscond Thanks for your interest! Sean Connery was born on 25 August 1930. That makes Sean Connery 82 years old!
  • 12:38pm: @iamdanw Marnie (1964) co-star Tippi Hedren named one of her house cats after Sean Connery.
  • 12:39pm: Sean Connery is not 82. Sean Connery is only 81. This is why he looks so youthful and virile! (Thanks @mattb)
  • 12:44pm: There is a picture of Sean Connery with a cat on this page between Jayne Mansfield and Edwige Fenech also holding cats.
  • 12:45pm: Note, I do not know as much about Jayne Mansfield and Edwige Fenech as I do about Sean Connery, about whom I am increasingly influential.
  • 12:48pm: @abscond I don’t know much about Jayne Mansfield. However, Sean Connery was cast as James Bond because he moved “like a cat”.
  • 12:49pm: @Pickledegg101 I am improving my Sean Connery Klout score or people will think I know nothing about the actor Sean Connery, who is Scottish.
  • 12:51pm: @jwheare Sean Connery has well-trained Great Danes.
  • 12:56pm: @moleitau The first choice for Zed in Zardoz was Burt Reynolds (about whom I am not influential), who fell ill. Sean Connery replaced him.
  • 01:53pm: @iamdanw
  • 02:50pm: @alicebartlett Can I send out daily updates about Sean Connery to Little Printer?
  • 03:01pm: @alicebartlett Yeah, wha’ever, Peeps is done. It’s Sean Connery, the Scottish actor best known for his portrayal of James Bond, all the way!
  • 03:37pm: @iamdanw “Previously… on the Leveson Inquiry…”
  • 09:27pm: @alicebartlett [Pretend I'm an automated "Emo" bot]

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