Tuesday 10 April 2012

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Doors with no handles

I’m a few dozen pages into China Miéville’s The City & The City, too early to comprehend the nature of its world, but the story’s allusions reminded me of this letter from the London Review of Books I read last week:


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Flickr Dad Announcement | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Happy Birthday Ben's Dad!

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10 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 12:20pm: @antimega Fad Café.
  • 12:45pm: @antimega Ooh I really want prescription glasses that change to sunglasses at a touch. Rather than photochromatic lenses. This looks closer…
  • 12:48pm: @antimega Ah, assuming I’d want my sunglasses to be opaque. Still, maybe, one day.
  • 12:48pm: @antimega Ha, I nearly typed “peril sensitive”.
  • 02:57pm: @revdancatt Ooh, me too! My current one’s been going way too long. I’m nervous.
  • 03:52pm: “We could run a cable across the bunting…”
  • 05:57pm: @spaceboy Yes you’re only allowed to smoke toddlers in the open air these days. A shame in a way, but the smell did linger in one’s clothes.
  • 06:21pm: @infovore I really resisted switching from Safari because there were lots of things I liked. I am now equally attached to Chrome.
  • 07:15pm: Having read 40 reviews of the same movie over recent months I can only say: we don’t need this many film reviewers.
  • 09:08pm: @phl 'Damsels in Distress' http://t.co/H5xtJrAR

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