Wednesday 21 September 2011

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Being wrong about now

Wearing my increasingly tattered futurist’s hat, I was struck by this otherwise not hugely exciting article at the Guardian about the IMF’s forecast for the UK’s economy. The IMF has changed its forecast for 2011:


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21 Sep 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:42am: Didn’t get a train this morning. It wasn’t late. It wasn’t crowded.
  • 10:10am: @megp Wasn’t meant as gloating, just a contrast to the large flurry of train-related woes this morning. Twitter’s not just for moaning :)
  • 12:45pm: Me wondering why the IMF’s forecasts are continually wrong and why people seem OK with that:
  • 04:24pm: @JamesWallis @mattb I always write the local times in an event’s Notes when it’s in/travelling to other time zones. Just to be sure.
  • 05:25pm: @tomcoates Californgratulations!
  • 09:27pm: Home from lovely drinks to be met by lovely wife with lovely left over pizza. Lovely.
  • 09:28pm: @dorianfm If you're not paying for NASA you're not the customer, you're the product! Cool!
  • 09:51pm: @pixellent @maryloosemore Wait, is that wrong? This is political correctness gone mad!

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