Saturday 25 June 2011

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25 Jun 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:42am: Pilates teacher realised the Stretch Armstrong reference she's used for months meant nothing to most of the too young/old/foreign class.
  • 12:20pm: To Cheapside with my wife, and there to my bookseller, Mr. Daunt, and to buy a volume of Judt's history since the late war.
  • 01:49pm: Pleased to have ticked off one of those elusive living in London things by walking past Gilbert & George in Spitalfields. Nice suits.
  • 05:04pm: Berlin question: Where should two people who don't know Berlin Hauptbahnhof at all arrange to meet there?
  • 05:24pm: @mattb Good idea, and a photo helps, thanks!
  • 06:18pm: Thinking of a Sunday lunch at @PittCueCo tomorrow. In case I can tempt anyone else I know. I haven’t been before.
  • 09:04pm: Glastonbury is on telly but my wife is watching 'Advertising's Greatest Hits'. I despair. I dreamed of ending up with an indie chick.
  • 09:10pm: @mdales It's more indie - more anything - than watching a "documentary" about old adverts.
  • 09:30pm: @nathanawilliams I just turned over and got Coldplay. *shudder* Off to BBC Three.
  • 09:49pm: @moleitau @nathanawilliams I'm liking Janelle Monáe, who I hadn't heard of before. I was in touch once upon a time.

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