Wednesday 4 May 2011

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My memories of Chipping Hill School

The infant school I went to, from about age five to seven, Chipping Hill School in Witham, Essex, is moving to a new location, after 109 years on its original site. They are, or were, looking for memories of ex-pupils’ time at the school. I’m not sure if they still want them, but here’s what I think I remember.


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4 May 2011 at Twitter

  • 12:35pm: Looking forward to voting #YesToAV on Thursday. If we already had AV I bet few people would seriously suggest switching to FPTP.
  • 06:51pm: In case you only read stuff via Twitter… Yesterday I wrote a bit about funding niche news services:
  • 06:52pm: Today I wrote what I remember about being at Chipping Hill School when I was about 6:
  • 07:09pm: @alruii Did the policeman give the lad a clip round the ear?