Sunday 27 February 2011

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Wilderness to brothels to Apple store: the History of Development in one block

Very interesting, thanks. A nice lens for a long-term look at historical ebbs and flows. However, I'd take issue with one of your final sentences:

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27 Feb 2011 at Twitter

  • 11:41am: Big headphones make chores bearable. Also, I can pretend I’m a Cyberman doing the spring cleaning.
  • 02:57pm: Catching up on @shiftrunstop… I have that ‘The Unexplained’ with *that* photo of spontaneous human combustion on my desk. But I can’t look.
  • 03:01pm: @sharnajackson I CAN’T LOOK! I don’t want to think about it. LALALALA!
  • 03:11pm: @chrislunch @shiftrunstop @Matlock But that photo was nothing compared to the free flexidisc of dead peoples’ voices. *shudder*
  • 04:17pm: Having a chilly stroll round the ramparts like a brutalist prince.
  • 08:45pm: 6Music is playing some fab disco but unfortunately. the DJ. is another one. with that annoying. DJ way of speaking.