Monday 7 February 2011

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Whoops! by John Lanchester

Whoops! is very good indeed. It explains the recent financial crash in clear and entertaining terms, and puts the size of the problem in perspective. An easy but very interesting read. Recommended. The bits below are mostly tangential to the details of the crash itself, but are the bits that I’d have turned page corners down for if I wasn’t unduly precious about my books.


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7 Feb 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:37am: Lovely dentist is lovely. Good start to the week.
  • 10:59am: Oh @expansysUK, how can something be “shipped” but not “despatched”? Customer service friendly and efficient, but still. You buffleheads.
  • 11:01am: @expansysUK Your friendly phone folks took care of it very well, thanks. Just frustrating to wait a week and then have to cancel order.
  • 02:26pm: Not sure if writing an elaborate script to fetch data for a couple of presentation slides is clever or the worst kind of procrastination.
  • 02:36pm: @basil That would require... another script! Excellent.
  • 03:36pm: @denisewilton Thatcher resigned while I was waiting for some just-processed film to dry. Coincidence?! We should shoot on film more.
  • 05:43pm: @revdancatt Have the free one gradually insert more and more typos until it’s incomprehensible. A graduated free trial version.
  • 10:36pm: @revdancatt Yay, I like them both... I didn’t know there was a connection? The ‘Sugar Water’ video is lovely:
  • 10:44pm: @simonw At least the British Library have archived the BBC WW2 People’s War site: