Monday 17 January 2011

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Better late than never… I’ve finally got round to making the code for my Today’s Guardian site, powered by the Guardian Open Platform, accessible on Bitbucket on Github. Feel free to grab it, run your own copy of the site, tinker with it, etc.


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17 Jan 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:00am: @tomskitomski I like to imagine the Mail has spent years recruiting an audience through sensationalism, with aim of using it for good. Ha.
  • 10:02am: @tomskitomski LET ME DREAM!
  • 10:04am: 1km swim; breakfast; coffee and reading; office; Steely Dan. Today is a CRASH SMASH so far.
  • 10:08am: @suegyford Yeah, I stop for a few breaths every so often. A bit easier now I breathe every 3 strokes rather than 5. That was too much!
  • 10:08am: @macintosh Is it a bit much? Sorry.
  • 07:46pm: @rooreynolds What *is* it they put in your drink at W+K that gets you and @hondanhon so excited about ads for butter? My mind is boggling!
  • 07:47pm: @hondanhon Yeah, 'cos you haven't mentioned butter adverts before now at all :)
  • 07:48pm: @hondanhon You should move on to ads for suet next. There must be room for growth in that market.
  • 07:52pm: @rooreynolds Sorry, no, not annoying. I just don't understand. I'm probably envious that you're so enthusiastic about something :)
  • 10:48pm: Time Machine spends so much time "Cleaning Up…" that I wish I could send it round the rest of the flat.