Tuesday 21 December 2010

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21 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 12:23pm: The war on "terror" going well since about 1790. The wars on "drugs" and "poverty" going less well. http://t.co/S8JW5ul Fight harder!
  • 01:20pm: ♬ OmniGraffling, OmniGraffling, Graffling all the way, Oh what fun the wireframes are, lots more to do today!
  • 02:46pm: @gilest When I used to read NME/MM that would have been a couple of years worth, at least, of CD purchases! 1990 me likes this future.
  • 03:54pm: I love Guardian live blogs but Andrew Sparrow's as frantic as rolling TV news, wanting to know what'll happen to Cable NOW. Patience!
  • 07:24pm: My sense of "busy" is probably less than most of you busy folk, but this week has about 2-3 too many things happening in it.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Robyn (38)
  2. Suede (11)
  3. Jane Siberry (7)
  4. Scud Mountain Boys (7)
  5. Darkstar (7)
  6. DJ Riko (4)
  7. Vince Guaraldi (4)
  8. Sam Amidon (3)
  9. Low (3)
  10. The Tallest Man on Earth (3)

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