Monday 20 December 2010

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20 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 08:29am: Not as cold as I expected out. Having a nice walk.
  • 02:05pm: @AOLTV_UK I kept seeing Apprentice tweets by you last night which copied slightly earlier tweets by other people.
  • 05:11pm: @AOLTV_UK Ah yes, I see you were "sharing" @brokenbottleboy's tweets. But it does look like you're blatantly copying them. Why not retweet?
  • 05:14pm: @brokenbottleboy Just seemed weird having identical tweets from both. Made AOL look a bit silly. But no big deal, sorry :)
  • 05:59pm: Cool Site of the Day for 16 years ago, Smitty's UFO page: (This should be a daily tweet...)
  • 06:00pm: @Mike_Corso Ever thought of doing a Cool Site Of The Day twitter account for 16 year old links? Using It'd be great!
  • 09:23pm: @gilest @jah was asking the exact same question a little while ago: Don't know if he found a good solution...?
  • 10:25pm: Just watched last ‘Misfits’. So good. How do they manage to shift tone so completely and rapidly and often and have it all still work?!

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