Monday 20 December 2010

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20 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 08:29am: Not as cold as I expected out. Having a nice walk.
  • 02:05pm: @AOLTV_UK I kept seeing Apprentice tweets by you last night which copied slightly earlier tweets by other people.
  • 05:11pm: @AOLTV_UK Ah yes, I see you were "sharing" @brokenbottleboy's tweets. But it does look like you're blatantly copying them. Why not retweet?
  • 05:14pm: @brokenbottleboy Just seemed weird having identical tweets from both. Made AOL look a bit silly. But no big deal, sorry :)
  • 05:59pm: Cool Site of the Day for 16 years ago, Smitty's UFO page: (This should be a daily tweet...)
  • 06:00pm: @Mike_Corso Ever thought of doing a Cool Site Of The Day twitter account for 16 year old links? Using It'd be great!
  • 09:23pm: @gilest @jah was asking the exact same question a little while ago: Don't know if he found a good solution...?
  • 10:25pm: Just watched last ‘Misfits’. So good. How do they manage to shift tone so completely and rapidly and often and have it all still work?!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Robyn (38)
  2. Suede (11)
  3. Jane Siberry (7)
  4. Scud Mountain Boys (7)
  5. Darkstar (7)
  6. DJ Riko (4)
  7. Vince Guaraldi (4)
  8. Sam Amidon (3)
  9. Low (3)
  10. The Tallest Man on Earth (3)

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