Friday 3 December 2010

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Falling out of love

Another year approaches, and it’s time to buy another volume of Pepys’ Diary. As usual I bought from Amazon, real bookshops never stocking the individual diary volumes. To my surprise, having bought nine previous volumes from the same publisher, in the same edition, this tenth instalment felt very different. Different as in “worse”.


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3 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 11:49am: I am annoyed about @harpercollinsuk's paper and printing and have written angry words: So there.
  • 11:50am: (Tell me if posting links to blog posts is annoying. Sometimes I think it is, but it seems to be the Done Thing these days.)
  • 12:50pm: @Thayer @jaggeree @revdancatt Fit the message to the medium. An automated blog post tweet is dull. Tweets are better when conversational.
  • 04:59pm: @danhon The chain is broken, repeat, the chain is broken. I am calling off the dogs.
  • 09:11pm: First mince pie of the year. Merry Christmas @benterrett!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Hefner (24)
  2. VHS Head (21)
  3. Soul Coughing (15)
  4. Miles Davis (14)
  5. Luscious Jackson (12)
  6. Cowboy Junkies (12)
  7. Galaxie 500 (4)
  8. Pavement (3)
  9. Stephen Malkmus (3)
  10. Gang of Four (3)

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