Monday 28 June 2010

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Week 366

Last week… most of my working time was spent on Today’s Guardian, not that you’d know it. Trying to make the site work nicely on iPhone and iPad has been harder than I expected and progress has been slow.


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The arrow of WordPress time « Jon Udell

Interesting to see the issues you've wrestled with. Although Movable Type works well with very old dates, it did require some slight hacking on my part to make things work well when newer dates were expected.

For example, I want to give each entry of the diary the correct 17th century date, but I also want the system to publish the entries automatically on the correct 20th century day. So I had to add something to the MT code for that specific blog to add 343 years to each entry when working out what to automatically publish.

I've been meaning to write up what I've done on that front for years; I'll try and do so this week.

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28 Jun 2010 at Twitter

  • 06:56am: Quietly applauding passive aggressive emails. But not in a manner that would cause a fuss.
  • 08:40am: I never check "Send me marketing email" boxes. And yet I'm forever unsubscribing from marketing email from companies I've had contact with.
  • 10:12am: Drinking a Nespresso, feeling exactly like George Clooney. If George Clooney was a front-end developer with 49 tickets to resolve.
  • 10:26am: @chrislunch I also need to work on knowing smirks, snogging younger ladies, making jaunty wisecracks, looking dapper and rugged.
  • 01:25pm: @blech I still measure widths in pixels. And iPhone enlarges some fonts etc so I expect there'll be iPhone 4 specifics needed sometimes.
  • 01:25pm: @blech But I know what you mean. Different device resolutions + different pixel densities is making this all stupidly complicated.
  • 01:46pm: @blech I use ems for all font sizes and vertical measurements and pixels for horizontal (on fixed-width sites). Seems to work alright.
  • 01:48pm: @megpickard When I was little my mum would get "three rings" when I was heading home from a neighbour's house. "Missed call" modern version?
  • 04:33pm: Hoping my next upgrade has an internal fan.
  • 05:26pm: Maybe a ZX Spectrum 128 style heatsink bolted onto one side of my body would do.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Digital Mystikz (3)
  2. Kode9 (3)
  3. Terror Danjah (2)
  4. The Jam (2)
  5. Sticky (2)
  6. Thompson Twins (2)
  7. Aztec Camera (2)
  8. Aardvarck (2)
  9. Zomby (2)
  10. Morrissey (1)

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