Wednesday 4 November 2009

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Haddock Blogs down for a bit

On the off-chance you’re someone who reads the Haddock Blogs aggregator (usually found at, the site is down at the moment after a server move. I’ve got the RSS feeds back up and running and, thanks to the wonders of FeedBurner, they’re still at the same URLs (Blogs, Links). The site itself will return at some point soonish.

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Flickr machine tags for film photos

For the past few months I’ve been taking photos using black and white film in my old 35mm SLR camera, more of which another time. When one uses a digital camera, the details of the camera and shot are embedded in the image as EXIF data, and can be viewed when uploaded to Flickr. I wanted to record some of this information for my film photos taken on film, but wasn’t sure how.


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4 Nov 2009 at Twitter

  • 10:24am: Up exceedingly un-betimes. Not sure what happened there. It was very nice, but 10am won't change the world.
  • 12:22pm: is still down, but the RSS feeds are back up and running at the same URLs as before:
  • 02:36pm: Sending paper forms by post. It's like being in a twentieth century theme park.
  • 02:40pm: @hondanhon Please send all questions re the 20C theme park to our Newcastle office. Include an SAE and allow 28 days for delivery.
  • 05:42pm: @tomtaylor You'd think @BarbicanCentre would know what buildings are part of the arts centre or not. Or rename their Flickr group. #pedant
  • 05:48pm: @tomtaylor I wouldn't mind, except @BarbicanCentre post the same request on every single photo I take of the Barbican. Take a hint!

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