Wednesday 13 May 2009

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Mailman Archive Scraper

While I’m banging on about Pretend Office I thought I’d point out the Python script I wrote to re-publish the mailing list’s private archive into a semi-anonymised public location in case it’s of use to anyone else sometime.


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A long list of books | MetaTalk

Hi, I'm responsible for Septivium and put the list together from the original thread. To respond to some of the points above…

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13 May 2009 at Twitter

  • 07:01am: Everyone was swimming clockwise this morning. Surprisingly disorienting.
  • 07:30am: Blimey, I had no idea a film was made of Nicholas Mosley's 'Accident' (I like) with a screenplay by Pinter. And it's re-released next month!
  • 08:11am: Responding to critics.
  • 11:26am: If I wanted to buy some mugs near Silicon Roundabout, where would I go? Argos doesn't do them (unless you want two Playboy mugs for £8.79).
  • 11:32am: @tomtaylor Robert Dyas a good idea... although the website suggests I might end up with Winnie the Pooh and Friends...
  • 12:50pm: Mugs acquired at good old Waitrose. Good size, comfy handles. Plus: tea, milk and biscuits. The full kit.
  • 08:57pm:'s Apprentice Predictor gave away that I didn't pick the firee before the firing actually took place. Spoiler. Won't use again.
  • 09:12pm: @mattb Online radio should have interference filters to let you make it sound like FM, MW, LW or SW.