Friday 31 October 2008

31 Oct 2008 at Twitter

  • 12:05am: For fuck's sake, how can Ross/Brand still be top of the news?! Who cares? People are dying in the world.
  • 08:46am: How did I manage to arrive at the Conway Hall 52 minutes early for Playful when I only live 25 minutes' walk away?
  • 01:09pm: Hugging one of the Conway Hall's feeble radiators. Not going to move. Should have broken out the long johns this morning.
  • 02:17pm: Waiting to find out why woman from SCE has hijacked Playful to tell us about EyeToy. Is this retro hour? Or the ad break?
  • 04:27pm: Unintelligibly muttered talk to end. But some good and fun stuff today otherwise. Those digital heads were amazing and oddly emotional.
  • 05:52pm: Walking to Wilton's Music Hall where tonight I will be taking a computer apart, slowly, live on stage. Live! Amazing!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Calexico (10)
  2. The Mountain Goats (10)
  3. Alton Ellis (8)
  4. Bloc Party (8)
  5. Bec & Beth (5)
  6. Bongwater (5)
  7. Joe Bataan (4)
  8. Emmy the Great (4)
  9. Broken Dog (4)
  10. Quickspace (3)

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