Thursday 21 August 2008

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For the past few years while I've been doing this acting stuff I've been failing miserably at finding witty and illuminating parallels between the geek and theatre worlds. But your description of code feedback is just like feedback from acting teachers, who will (generally) tell you everything you did wrong. Maybe after an initial “Hmm, not bad…” to make them sound less harsh. Their reasoning being, I think, that you *know* what you did right so you don't need someone else to tell you.

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21 Aug 2008 at Twitter

  • 10:49am: Cool - Barbican Arts Centre has free wifi. Nice quiet spot to work etc.
  • 01:54pm: Time for a coffee amid the trendy people.
  • 02:38pm: 5 MacBooks, an iPhone and someone reading Slavoj Zizek. How hip can one place be.
  • 03:40pm: @kerrching Yes, coffee @ whitecross street. Most of me loves it, a little bit of me hates that I love it.
  • 06:18pm: Phew. That took *much* longer than expected: New mappy goodness on Pepys' Diary.