Friday 14 December 2007

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Vandalism, Shoreditch on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

They're by Eine:

Here's an interview with him:

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Stone Cold Pimpin': Louis Menand (and myself) on Diary Keeping

Interesting, I look forward to reading the article (I'll get round to the paper version eventually).

I know that in the many times when I unfortunately go days or weeks without writing my diary I'm thinking that my calendar and my Twitters will help fill in some gaps for anyone interested in what I was doing in the future.

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14 Dec 2007 at Twitter

  • 12:28pm: Looking forward to catching up on 24 hours of email, only to find the mail and web server has been down all morning. TextDrive minions busy.
  • 02:17pm: Server's been down for twelve hours now. Really wanting my email back. "RAID is beyond a short repair ... restoring ... from the backup".
  • 04:35pm: Heading west to end of term Secret Santa and party. Still no bloody email. Narked with TextDrive/Joyent.
  • 08:27pm: Home, email and websites working again. Some email from last night lost forever. Grr.
  • 10:19pm: Feeling old: Avoiding end of term party in Shoreditch because it will be loud and drunken and past my bed time.