Thursday 10 May 2007

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'A Whore's Profession' by David Mamet

This is a collection of other collections of essays on a variety of subjects. There is quite a lot of stuff early on in which Mamet recalls his childhood and early career in Chicago and New York. But the essays on acting, writing and directing interested me most, and these are what I took occasional notes on. Although, as he says, his thoughts on directing came after directing only two movies, at which point he thought he knew it all, but didn’t know how much he didn’t know.


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Low (fuzzy) on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Last night Mark Kozelek kept asking someone in the audience, who was taking photos with a camera that had some red light on the front, to stop, because it was distracting him. Eventually he launched into a (half joking) little rant about people who have to capture the event instead of just being there, so they can put it on their MySpace page and “get it out there man!”

Luckily I'd already decided that I wouldn't bother trying to take any pictures, so hadn't got my camera out for once. I didn't see many people taking pictures after that!

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10 May 2007 at Twitter

  • 11:25am: The bulb in our windowless bathroom keeps flicking off for a split second. It's *like pissing in a David Lynch movie.
  • 01:08pm: Part of me loves the quaintness of sending things through the post. Then I stand in a post office queue.
  • 01:50pm: Home, wet (idiot; previous sunny weather made me think it would never rain again), powered by sushi.
  • 04:58pm: The usual fury at Internet Explorer turns to disappointment. It has let down not only me and itself, but the whole school.
  • 07:59pm: 9pm already. So much done, so much still to do. My eyes are settling permanently into widescreen format.
  • 11:16pm: Pepys, Stillman and Gyford all updated. Both my readers will be pleased. Bed.

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  1. Kate Bush (23)
  2. Fred Frith (21)
  3. Carole King (16)
  4. The Robot Ate Me (14)
  5. Amon Tobin (13)
  6. PJ Harvey (13)
  7. Roots Manuva (13)
  8. Metric (13)
  9. Skinnyman (12)
  10. Sun Kil Moon (10)

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