Monday 7 May 2007

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'Literary Theory: An Introduction' by Terry Eagleton

It took me forever to read this, but mainly because I was taking fairly detailed notes; it’s not too tricky a read really. I took notes because I knew I’d forget so much of it straight away, but I’d like some of it to stick, or at least be ready to hand for when I forget. It was a good grounding for someone like me whose English Literature study stopped at sixteen.


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  • 09:45am: Was wondering why email and Twitter were quiet, then remembered it's a bank holiday. Although I'm working.
  • 01:32pm: Pretending the blackbird singing outside the window, behind me, is R2-D2 giving me backup info while I OmniGraffle. Stay on target...
  • 09:03pm: Watching ER while updating websites.

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  1. Kate Bush (23)
  2. Fred Frith (21)
  3. Carole King (16)
  4. The Robot Ate Me (14)
  5. Amon Tobin (13)
  6. PJ Harvey (13)
  7. Roots Manuva (13)
  8. Metric (13)
  9. Skinnyman (12)
  10. Sun Kil Moon (10)

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