Thursday 28 April 2005

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Holidays and urban spaces

As the recent photos indicate, we spent last week in Avignon. I'm hopeless at holidays. First, I will happily put off deciding to go anywhere forever unless there's a particular event, like a conference or party, which fixes it in time. Second, once on holiday I rarely want to do much; I'm simply happy to be somewhere foreign, away from my desk, and would be content to sit on a park bench watching passers-by for a week.


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The Hitchhiker's Guide movie

Like one or two other people, I've been looking forward to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. I was expecting to know the plot, give or take a few tweaks here or there but it hadn't occurred to me that I'd also know much of the dialogue. Some of it I could have recited with the characters, other bits came rushing back from whenever it was I last read or heard them, and other remembered phrases were glaring in their absence. “But you forgot the next line!” I kept thinking. Where in my mind has this useless stuff been living all these years?


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Photos taken Thursday 28 April 2005